‘My Birthday Song’ movie earns Rs 0.33 crore in 2 weeks

Bollywood movie ‘My Birthday Song’ collected a total income of Rs 0.33 crore in 14 days. The Hindi film released on less 1000 screens in India and received average response from audiences in the cinema halls. The romantic comedy movie earned more than Rs 0.2 crore in opening weekend. Facing constant decline in public response, the film’s business did not grow in week days.

Releasing on 19th January 2018, the multi-starrer Hindi film witnessed average occupancy in the cinema halls. On opening day, the movie collected an amount of Rs 0.04 crore. Public response gradually increased on Saturday, which was second day of release for the film. ‘My Birthday Song’ faced growth in theatre occupancy on that day and earned Rs 0.06 crore on 2nd day of release.

Response from audiences continued to increase in the weekend days. On Sunday, the Hindi film witnessed highest occupancy in the cinema halls. Hike in the public response was surprising for the film which was not promoted on a wider platform before its official release. Highest public response on Sunday took the movie’s earning to the next level and the film reportedly minted a total collection of Rs 0.15 crore in the first weekend.

After completing three days at India’s box office, the movie failed to receive steady response from the cinema lovers in week days. As it was the phase of working days for the masses, very few people attended the cinema halls to watch movie. The Hindi film witnessed steady drop in the theatre occupancy in week days and ended up earning Rs 0.20 crore by the 2nd weekend.

Second weekend was the toughest phase for the film as it had to compete against Shahid Kapoor, Ranvir Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer Bollywood movie ‘Padmavati’. The epic film caught the attention of major chunk of audience in the country and created a huge impact on the performance of other films released in the same week. ‘My Birthday Song’ film could earn Rs 0.11 crore in the 2nd week.